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Please practice the song for our class production.


Verse 1      Are you just passing through?

                    Maybe stay a week or two?

                    There are wonders here to find

                    If you have an open mind.

                    And if you seek surprise by the waterside,

                    Drumnadrochit is the place to be.


Verse 2     Well there are songs of old,

                    Many stories have been told

                    ’Bout the waters of Loch Ness –

                    Well you’re bound to be impressed!

                    So for a ringside seat and a monster treat,

                    Drumnadrochit is the place to be.


                    There are some who think

                    That Nessie’s just a fantasy,

                    But she’s been spotted many times

                    Throughout the centuries.

                     Just cast your eyes around the loch

                     And you will plainly see

                     That everybody here is a believer…...


Repeat verse 1 

                    Are you just passing through…


                            In the shadows of the castle

                            Where the eagles fly,

                            You can hear the haunting echoes

                            Of a time gone by,

                            When every loch in Scotland

                            Kept a creature on the sly,

                            But now there’s just one left, and that is Nessie...


Repeat verse 1 

                    Are you just passing through……


Repeat      Drumnadrochit is the place to be.



Home learning is provided on a Friday and is due in on Wednesday.

You must also read at least 3 times per week.