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Autumn 2


we began the term by focusing on science fiction stories. We watched two clips of different science fiction stories ( watch them below ) we focused on what makes a good science fiction story and we used a range of skills such as brackets for parenthesis to create our own science fiction stories .

CGI Animated Shorts : "The Alchemist"s Letter" - by Pixel Veil Productions

Pandora Discovered

We then focused on recounts . We read the book ‘ The UFO diary’ and we pretended we were the alien and used hot seating to explore the aliens thoughts and feelings more. We explored the story in depth and created our own recounts for the story.

Picture 1

Autumn 1 


We began Autumn 1 by reading the story of Beowulf! We discussed why this book would be a legend and we learnt loads of interesting vocabulary from the book. We learnt different skills we could input in our own version of Beowulf and wrote this in our amazing big write books in handwriting pens.

Picture 1
We then focused on journalistic writing and what a good piece of journalism includes. We focused on a video called the lighthouse keeper and we reported the event. We used quotes, brackets for parenthesis and a variety of sentence structures. 

Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual. Animation director: Stefan Wernik. Technical director: Matt Ebb. Animators: Jeremy Davidson, Lee Salvemini. Produced at ProMotion and Exopolis by Michael McCarthy and James Neale. Executive producers: Ernie Schenck, Bryan Sweeney, Scott Hainline.

Finally, we focused on a poem called the dreadful menace 

We enjoyed this poem so much. We discussed performance and the camera skills used to make the poem so engaging!

We created our own version of the dreadful menace using similes, metaphors, symbolism and hyperboles.


The dreadful menace poem was an advertisement used for the winter Olympics!

We all had chance to perform our own poems and some of us performed ours in front of the green screen!

Winter Olympics 2014: Trailer - BBC Sport

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