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Our Learning Environment

Construction Area

In the construction area the children love to use a range of building blocks to build their own models. The children build models such as airports, car parks, theme parks, sky scrapers and much more!

Reading Corner

The children love to relax in the reading corner. There is plenty of space to get comfy and choose a book to read. The children also enjoy using finger puppets and figures to re-tell their favourite story. 

Home Corner

There are lots of fun games and role play that take place in the home corner. The children's favourite game to play is families. There are lots of dressing up outfits and props to use that bring role play to life!

Small World Area

There are lots of different small world figures that can be used in the small world area that allow the children to be imaginative and act out role play scenarios. The children act out stories and create their own narratives whilst using figures such as people, polar animals, jungle animals, farm animals, knights, pirates, ocean animals and dinosaurs. 

Painting Area

Who doesn't love painting? The children become artists in this area, creating lots of paintings that they are very proud of! The children enjoy exploring colour mixing and the use of different tools

Writing Area

In the writing area there are lots of different materials available for the children to use. There's pencils, felt tips, pencil crayons and chalk to draw and write and there's paper, note pads, whiteboards and envelopes for the children to record their learning. The area is always very busy!

Maths Area

The maths area is the perfect area to practise skills such as counting  and recognising numbers. There are lots of different objects that the children use in their maths games. They enjoy putting numbers in order, making patterns and sharing out and playing with loose part objects. 

Loose Parts Area

The loose parts area includes a range of everyday objects that the children can use creatively to make their own pictures. The frames provided in this area help the children to add the finishing touch to their fantastic learning. Parts in this area include corks, jewels, pine cones, wooden hoops, buttons, logs and shells.