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Our Learning Environment

Construction Area

We love to have lots of creative fun in the Construction Area! We have lots of differing shapes and sizes of building blocks for you to build models and creations. I wonder where your imagination will take you? Maybe you might build a famous landmark, a tower, a sky scraper, a theme park, an airport or a train! The possibilities are endless. 

Reading Corner

We love to read at Propps Hall School! Our reading corner is a lovely place where you can relax and get cosy with your favourite superhero and story book. You can use masks and capes to get into the role of different story characters and use finger puppets and figures to re-tell your favourite story. 

Home Corner

There are lots of fun games and role play that take place in the home corner. In this area you can use the dressing up outfits, home essentials and props to act out real life scenarios and bring role play to life! You can have fun acting, playing and talking with your friends. Some of the most popular games that are played in this area are 'teachers' and 'families.'

Small World Area

There are lots of different small world figures that can be used in the small world area that you can use with your friends. In this area, you can act out and create your own stories whilst using small world figures such as people, polar animals, jungle animals, farm animals, knights, pirates, ocean animals and dinosaurs. 

Paintbrushes at the ready! Who doesn't love painting? The art area is an area where you can practise your artistic skills and paint and create lots of beautiful art work. You can enjoy colour mixing, using lots of different painting tools and making patterns with stamps, rollers and dabbers. 

Writing Area

OOO-ARRR! In the pirate writing area there are lots of different writing materials that you can use to draw, colour and write. There is pencils, felt tips, pencil crayons and chalk to use on paper, note pads, whiteboards and envelopes. You can put on a pirate eye-patch to feel just like a pirate when completing some super independent writing in this area. 

Maths Area

ABRACADABRA! The magic maths area is the perfect area to practise skills such as counting  and recognising numbers. There are lots of different objects that you can use in your maths games with your friends. You can enjoy putting numbers in order, making patterns and sharing out and playing with loose part objects. 

Loose Parts Area

The loose parts area includes a range of everyday objects that you can use creatively to make your own pictures and patterns in the small and big wooden frames. In this area you will find loose parts such as corks, jewels, pine cones, wooden hoops, buttons, logs and shells. 

Water Area

SPLISH, SPLASH, SPLOSH! The water area has two big water trays and lots of resources for you to explore using. There are doll, sponges, brushes, rubber ducks, a tea set, containers and funnels, fish and fishing nets, sea creatures, floating and sinking resources and boats.

Role Play Area

The role play area is an area that is changed every half term in Early Years to match the topic that you are learning. This half term it is 'Propps Hall Hospital'. You can use your imagination to become doctors, nurses and patients in this role play area. The hospital has doctors equipment, dolls, a hospital bed, bandages and slings, glasses, a computer and keyboard and prescription papers and clipboards

Transport Area

BRUM BRUM! The transport area is an area where you can use cars, trucks and trains to drive under bridges, through tunnels and over ramps. You can also design your very own maps and roads and use the maps in the transport area to follow directions.