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The following activities can be completed on a piece of paper.




Today I would like you to practise spelling should, could, would, prove and improve.

Please practise each word forwards and backwards on your whiteboards.

For example: should dluohs

Choose 3 words and write a question sentence e.g. Would you like to go for a walk?



Today I would like you to practise spelling break, steak, great, any and many.

Please practise spelling each word in fancy writing.

Create a sentence for 3 of the words and include an expanded noun phrase in each one.

For example: I ate a tasty, yummy steak for dinner.



Today I would like to practise spelling clothes, people, hour, only and wild.

Finger each word on someone's back in your house and see if they can guess which word you've spelt. Can they spell a word on your back for you to guess? Remember to spell one letter at a time.

Choose 3 words to create sentences.

For example: There are wild, majestic animals in the safari.