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Independent Learning



Following on from our learning about 'Prehistoric Creatures' the children decided to draw their own dinosaurs in our writing area! We have been practicing our phonics skills by sorting objects based on the sound they start with. We are also practicing writing our own names which is lots of fun.



We have been investigating numbers 0-5 this term. The children love hunting for numerals around the room and learning in our Maths area using our miniature people, cars and dinosaurs to practice their counting skills.

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Understanding The World


The children have enjoyed learning to use the computers, they are able to choose an activity based on our topic and their interests and can complete it independently. 

The children were investigating living things. They searched for worms outside and made sure they were safe in our mini beast hotel.

Expressive Arts and Design


The children used their imagination in the small world area. They had to protect it from the dinosaurs who were going to eat the princess!

Some of the children were using masks in our Dinosaur Den to scare each other and move like a big T-Rex!

The girls used resources in our Transport area to construct a castle and draw a road with houses for the cars to drive past on their way to school.

Physical Development


The children develop their skills outside using our climbing frame, bikes and balancing equipment.

Indoors we develop our fine motor skills in our funky fingers area or by making our fingers dance in dough disco!