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The Ivory Federation


The Ivory Federation is a name given to a strong partnership between three schools, Propps Hall Junior Infant and Nursery School in Failsworth, Springhead Infant and Nursery School in Saddleworth and Rushcroft Primary School in Shaw. All our schools have a strong, caring ethos and we promote partnership working at every opportunity. Staff work hard for the benefit of our three schools and our values support the personal growth and development of all children and staff within our federation.


Mrs Kay is the Executive Headteacher of The Ivory Federation and her time is spent across the three schools. There is a strong leadership team and workforce who are based in each school and we also have key staff that work across our three schools. The staff work very closely together and the children all come together on occasion for specific events. 


The ethos and vision for our schools is mirrored across our federation, staff work hard for the benefit of all our children. The strong, creative curriculum and high standards are woven throughout all that we do. 


The name of our federation comes from the children, pupils within our schools.


‘The Ivory Federation’  because an elephants tusk is strong and made of ivory. Elephants live and walk in herds, they rely on each other, they have the strongest bond and the best memory. Elephants have a strong family community just like Propps Hall School and Springhead School. Together we are strong!’

                                                                                                                           Written by 2 pupils in Year 6

Our federation has its own website with links to all of our schools. The Ivory Federation website can be located via the following link: