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Propps HallJunior Infant and Nursery School

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Raffle Winners

Raffle Winners ! 

Childrens' Raffle 

1st - Shauna Mort Class 3
2nd Lexi Adamson Class 4
3rd Daisy Tyrell Class 4
4th Mia Cunliffe Class 7
5th Fabrizio Jago - Class 6


Adults' Raffle 

1st Macie- Leigh Chadwick Class 3
2nd Daisy Tyrell's Auntie Class 4
3rd Seth King Class 2
4th Olivia Brown Class 4
5th Lexi Condor Class 4
6th Myles Chan Class 3
7th Lynne Evans (Dinner Lady)
8th Donna Mayall (Springhead Infants TA)
9th Amy Garforth Class 4, Tony Borland (Site Manager), Skye  
Whittle Class 3, Sarah ? 
10th Maizy Day Class 5
11th Oliver and Matilda Hilton Class 4 and 2
12th Joshua Clews Class 6
13th Brodie Smith