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Welcome from the Executive Headteacher


Mrs Kay Executive Headteacher 

It is my pleasure to invite you to browse this section and the rest of the website to gain a better understanding of our ethos, values and educational offer.


In usual circumstances, you would have the opportunity to visit our wonderful school, meet with myself and other key adults and find out as much as you can, first hand to help you to select the right school for your child. Selecting your child's first school is one of the most important decisions you are faced with. Primary school is the place where children grow, flourish, develop character and resilience and learn how to build relationships and friendships; it's a place where they develop a love of learning and begin to understand what their talents and interests are, a place that they feel safe and secure. We offer all of this and much more. 


The staff in our school are deeply committed to our values and ethos, their primary goal is to ensure all children reach their full potential and take full advantage of what our school has to offer. Whilst embarking on this journey, they help the children to develop a love of learning where enjoyment and engagement are an integral thread in all that they do. The children that attend our school have a 'rich' and memorable experience that stays with them for a lifetime whilst achieving some of the highest educational standards. 


Please take the time to browse the website and contact us with any questions you may have. Over the forthcoming months and year we look forward to schools resuming their normal arrangements, when this happens we are more than happy to welcome you in and allow you to be immersed in what we have to offer. 


Mrs Kay 

Executive Headteacher

The Ivory Federation