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Session 2

Topic: Wellbeing Session 2
Time: Feb 5, 2021 01:30 PM London

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After reading the story 'Sometimes I Feel Sunny' this morning, we have discussed how we can help ourselves feel 'sunny' if we are ever feeling sad. We remembered things that we do in our classroom that make us feel happy and 'sunny' such as:


Singing 'I Want to Rock and Roll All Night'

Dancing to Go Noodles (Superheroes!)

Playing with balloons outside
Talking to Elmer
Dressing up 

How can you feel happy and sunny at home? One way that you can make your family at home feel happy and sunny is letting them know that you love them. We practised signing the phrase 'I Love You' in sign language in our lesson, now show someone at home!

How to Sign "I LOVE YOU" or "ILY" in Sign Language? - YouTube

Remember to have your ideas for 'Express Yourself' prepared for the assembly next session!