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If you do have a red folder in your home learning pack


Complete pages 75 and 76 of your red folder.


There are 1000ml in 1L.


Practise converting between millilitres and litres by identifying the missing amounts from the table below:


1L (litres)  1000ml (millilitres)
1.8L 1800ml
6.85L 6850ml
0.25L 250ml


Page 75

Look at the how many litres are in each bottle and convert them into millilitres, like you just did in the table above.


Page 76

Change the amounts so that the bucket, container and trough are all in litres so that you can compare them!

If you don't have a red folder in your home learning pack


If your group weren't given a red folder, you are going to build on your 3 digit ordering from yesterday and practise ordering 4 digit numbers from smallest to largest.


Look at the activity sheet below. You don't need to print it off - just look at it on the screen and then write the amounts into your exercise book like they have shown you on the sheet. You might want to cross out each number after you have used it.


How to order the numbers

If you were ordering the numbers 6138, 7259 and 7252 from smallest to largest, you would need to look at the thousands column first.

6138 only has 6 thousands so it must be the smallest.

7259 and 7252 both have 7 in the thousands so you need to look at the next column (the hundreds).

They both have 2 in the hundreds, so now you would need to look at the next column which is the tens. They both have 5 in the tens, so now you would look at the ones column. 252 is smaller than 259 because it has 2 in the ones column.