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The Snail and the Whale

In the story the author uses lots of adjectives to describe places, animals, things and objects. She used adjectives to describe the snail and the whale, such as tiny, big, long and blue. Listen to the story again and listen out for the adjectives that the author uses. Point them out to your grown up. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Can you think of your own, different adjectives to describe the snail and the whale? Look at the pictures above of the snail and the whale and think about what adjectives you could use to describe them. Think about your senses.


What do they look like? 

What colour are they?

What is their size?

What might they feel like?


Remember, an adjective is a word that gives us more information. We use adjectives to talk more about what we can see. An adjective is a describing word. 


Start by drawing a picture of the characters in your purple writing book. Then, if you are in...


Green and blue group - Write sentences that describe the characters. Include 2 adjectives in each sentence. 
For example, The snail is ..... and ...... The whale is ..... and .....

Yellow and orange group - Write sentences that describe the characters. Include 1 adjective in each sentence.
For example, The snail is .....   The whale is .....
Red group - Write 2 labels for each picture that you have drawn that describe the characters. 


(Your child knows the group that they are in. If you have not collected your home learning pack, please complete all future learning on pieces of paper and keep them safe. When your child is writing, remind them to use their robot arms to sound out words, capital letters at the beginning of sentences, finger spaces between words and full stops at the end of their sentences. I have attached sound mats to help your child to recognise and form letters). 

Picture 1