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60 second read - read the text and identify the key information to answer each question. Now design your own bath house that we could use nowadays!



Terrifying Temple! Identify the correct homophone for each picture and each sentence. Then create pictowords using the homophones (see below). Write out each word and make little pictures within the word to show what it means!



Direct speech

Complete this page in your booklet. We use speech marks or inverted commas to show when somebody is speaking aloud e.g "Hello," said Miss Thompson.


Rewrite the first two sentences (1a and 1b) so that they contain inverted commas and the correct punctuation. 


Then create dialogue for the characters in 2a and 2b.


Do the sentences in 3a and 3b contain all the correct punctuation and capital letters?


Fronted adverbials

Complete this page in your booklet. Fronted adverbials are used at the start of a sentence and usually describe the time, place or how something has been done.



In the morning, 

Behind the tree,

Without making a sound,

Picture 1 In a monarchy, the king or queen is in charge.