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Vikings expanded noun phrases from your pack

Read each sentence and identify the nouns. 

Now think about how you could add in at least two adjectives to describe each noun and create an expanded noun phrase. Improve the sentence using interesting vocabulary too! is great for thinking of different synonyms for words.



In the garden, the grass swayed in the breeze.

In the colourful, blooming garden, the luscious, emerald green grass danced effortlessly in the whispering, gentle breeze.



Great Galapagos 60 second read - read the text and identify the key information to answer each question. You could also create your own questions about the text for somebody else to answer!



Complete pages 5 and 6 of your statutory spelling y3 and y4 activity booklet using the D and E spellings.

Then create dotty words using the spellings and join up the dots!