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Statutory Spelling List Y3 & Y4 Activity Book

Complete pages 3 and 4 from the booklet - B and C common exception words. Then create some swirly words using the spellings from those two pages.



Sun Safety Reading Comprehension

Read the text and identify the information you need to answer each question. You could then create your own questions about the text for somebody else to answer!



Photo 1 in your pack- describe what you would be able to see and hear if your where at this setting.

Remember to include:

Fronted adverbials (e.g In the morning)

Expanded noun phrases (two adjectives to describe a noun e.g bright, beautiful sky)

Conjunctions (but, so, because, if, even though, which, when)

Prepositions (words that describe where something is e.g under, above, on, in)