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Grown ups...if your child is struggling to write independently, you can scribe for your child and ask them to copy your writing. However, please ensure that your child is completing their learning as independently as they can wherever possible. 


Can you remember what an adjective is? 


An adjective is a word that gives more detail. It is a describing word. You might describe the size, smell, taste, colour or feel of something. 


For example, Miss Harrop has long, brown, soft hair. 
I have used adjectives to describe the length, colour and feel of my hair. 


I want you to use adjectives to describe the caterpillar and the frog to your grown up. Think about their size, their colour, how they might feel to touch. 


Green and blue group - Write a sentence describing one of the characters using two adjectives.  Draw a picture of them too! 

Yellow and orange group - Write a sentence describing one of the characters using one adjective. Draw a picture of them too! 

Red group - Draw a picture of your favourite character and label them using adjectives.


Remember to:

  • Use your robot arms to help you sound out and write words.
  • Use capital letters at the beginning of sentences.
  • Use finger spaces in-between words.
  • Use full stops at the end of sentences.
  • Use the sound mats below to help you write the letters you need.