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If you are a Master Mind, Genius Gem or Brain Box please complete activity 4 and help Mr Whoops correct his spellings. 


Pick 5 words that you have corrected for Mr Whoops and put into sentences. Include expanded noun phrases.

E.g. James could see furry, fierce lions in the safari park.


If you are a Whizz Kid or Bright Spark please complete the Phonics activity which focuses on 'ir' and 'oy'.


Choose 5 words from the 'ir' and 'oy' and put into sentences on the back of your sheet. Can you include a conjunction? Our conjunctions are and, but, or, if, when, that, because and that.

E.g. The little boy was happy because he won the race.



This week you have practising a variety of year 2 common exception words. These were after, again, any, bath, beautiful, because, behind, both, break, busy, child, children, Christmas and class. Today I would you to choose 5 of the words and put into silly sentences e.g. The bath was filled with beautiful, pretty flowers.