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If you are a Master Mind, Genius Gem or Brain Box please complete Activity 3 in the Mr Whoops pack. Can you spot the spelling mistakes he has made?


If you are a Whizz Kid or Bright Spark please complete the 'ay' and 'ew' activity. Remember to use your best handwriting when tracing over 'ay' and 'ew' on each page.


On the back of each sheet can you use the words 'tray' and 'chew' in a sentence? Can you include an expanded noun phrase?

E.g. The silver, shiny tray had lots on tasty food on it.

The dog likes to chew his big, white bone.



Practise spelling children, Christmas and class. Can you use each word in a command sentence. A command sentence is when you tell someone to do something using an imperative (bossy) verb. For example, Can you decorate the tall Christmas tree?



Can you spell in word in sign language? A British Sign Language alphabet mat is below.

British Sign Language Alphabet