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The last day of learning for the week - we will be learning about onomatopoeia!

It sounds super tricky but it just means - words that describe a sound. They actually mimic the sound of the object or action. For example - CRASH! BOOM! BZZZZZ!


Watch the video below for lots more examples. Join in where you can! HAVE FUN!


Read or watch the story 'We're going on a bear hunt!' 

Your task is to listen out for any onomatopoeia words in the story.

Make a list of any words in your home learning exercise book. 


For example:

Splash Splosh!


Today we will be learning a new sound - ie as in pie

We already know this sound using 3 letters 'igh' as in high. 


Can you think of any other words with this sound?

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Once your child has watched the video - you will find 3 activities to the right of the screen.

Complete each one in order:

  • sorting graphemes
  • reading
  • spelling