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Taking Flight

LO: Infer emotions.

Watch ‘Taking Flight’ up to 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Do you think Tony feels differently on the inside than what he is saying to dad? Does he want to go to Grandad’s? How can you tell? In your green exercise book put the short date at the top of the page (30.4.20). Underneath compose sentences to describe how Tony feels during his journey to grandad’s house.

Remember to include:

  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Conjunctions (and, but, or, if, when, that, because)
  • Capital letters, finger spaces, full stops
  • Feelings of Tony’s emotions
  • Use your best handwriting

Challenge – Can you include suffixes (words ending in –ment, -less, -ness, -ly)? Can you include an exclamation sentence?

For example: Tony feels sad and upset when dad has to go to work. How cross he feels! He’s annoyed because he has to stay with his old grandad and he thinks it will be boring. Tony looks angry that dad has left him alone because grandad won’t play with him because he has to cut the long, green grass. When will his dad return?

After you have composed your sentences, watch the video clip to the end. How did Tony feel now? Tell your adult.