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Eco Council

We are the Eco Councillors, we work hard to improve our school environment. Mrs Lomas helps us to think of new ideas and projects, we share our ideas with the rest of the children in the school and sometimes we launch competitions e.g making new homes for the birds. 

Meet the team...

Our achievements 2018-2019
Last year the Eco Council worked hard at both Propps Hall and Springhead. We ran a very successful 'Walk to School Week' and created opportunities for our Early Years children to learn about good dental hygiene. We are very proud to have earned the Healthy Schools Award for our efforts and enjoyed promoting healthy habits across the federation.

Our priorities for 2019-2020

This year we want to build on the healthy habits we promoted last year.

*We plan on running another Walk to School Week in the summer term.

*We are undertaking regular litter checks in the playground.

*We are researching which pet to welcome to the Propps Hall family next.

Our latest harvest !