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We know that the Darwin's and Drakes are missing their friends so much! Mrs Burgess and Miss Harrop thought that it would be a lovely idea to create a video of all of the children dancing to the song 'Can't Stop the Feeling.' This is a song we use in school whilst playing games during phonics learning. 


Please record your child dancing for a maximum time of 30 seconds to the song posted below. This clip needs to be sent to the email address by Friday 12th June. Please write in the subject box 'Early Years video.' 


The clips will be cut and put together into one video and posted onto the school Facebook page. Please only send a clip of your child if you give permission for your child to be on the page. Spread the message to the other parents so that we can see lots of lovely faces! 

If you do a piece of learning that you would like to share with me and with your friends on here, just send it to

(write on the subject -Mrs Burgess) 

Below is a book all about the coronavirus; this book has been made to be child friendly and is good for children to understand a little more about what is going on.