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Autumn 2


During maths this term we have been focusing on multiplying and dividing by large numbers up to 4 digits using formal written methods

we have looked at the bus stop method and using remainders. We have solved lots of reasoning and problem solving activities in order to improve and deepen our understanding and mathematical vocabulary 


We have continued to use numicon to help us with our maths skills 


Autumn 1.


This half term we have focused on the place value of a number and looked at each number to 1,000,000 !

we have ordered and compared them including decimals with tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We have rounded decimals to the nearest tenth and whole number.


We learnt all about angles and we can show obtuse, acute, reflex and right angles using our arms. We learned lots of facts about angles and how to calculate missing angles using our knowledge of angle types.